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We are independent storage entities and handling of additives for the oil industry. We have many years of experience with working on storage and refineries which make us the ideal partner in additives to correct or upgrade any parameters of your petroleum product.


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GNT Bunker is an independent storage company providing logistics solutions. Handling all logistics solutions for its customers, the company operates major storage facilities situated strategically at different location in the Netherlands, four in the Russian federation.....


GNT Bunker aim to be a full service provider that can handle everything our clients may ask, be it storage of petroleum products of all types services and everything in between. No requests are to bold, we enjoy the challenge.....


GNT Bunker operations Department is in charge of the leasing of suitable storage locations at the lowest possible cost for the immediate storage oil stocks. The oil stocks are required to be kept at pre-determined quality specifications and have to be refreshed in case of alterations in specifications or storage locations. GNT Bunker’s activities comply with international and national environmental regulations.


Hofplein 13, 3032 AC Rotterdam, Netherlands Rotterdam

Telephone :  +31 10 413 47 40+31 (10) 340-09-29
Fax :                +31 (10) 465-32-01





129337, Moscow, ulitsa Red Pine, 14, 2. Russia Federation

Telephone :  +31 10 413 47 40+7 (495) 792-43-08
Fax : +7 (495) 792-04-10